August 9, 2010

Summer Academy "Economics of Welfare State"

New Economic School, Georgia (NESG, in cooperation with Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom, Germany (FNF, is organizing International Summer Academy for Young Leaders "Economics of Welfare State", that will take place on August 23-29, 2010, at Hotel “Tbilisi”, resort Bakuriani, Georgia.

Topics of the seminar:
Welfare state: Origins, recent and future; Markets and morality; General Welfare (GW) and General Suffrage (GS): voters’ conflict of interests and Positive State concept; Informal efforts to protect private property; Federalism: competition vs harmonization; Negative effect of redistribution among regions; Independent and Unbiased court vs. GW (Positive) state functions (New “crimes”; Over-criminalization, Activism and General Protection Ideals); Is there a failed privatization; Government failures: background of political economic analysis; Case study/1: how Italian redistribution among regions detroyed the poorest part of the country; Case study/2: how redistribution is destroying Belgium as a State; Media markets distortions main sources under GW: Filter of Regulations (USA) and Public TV (or “Why we should pay for their Microphone?”); Environmental alarmism; The Family institutions’ crisis: Natural Trend or State’s overregulation’s consequences?; Why interventionist state cannot create prosperity; Foreign aid and Israel; Importance of free labor market: Georgia vs. EU; Sources of the Overregulation reproduction under the General Welfare State; European integration: What is working and what is not working?; WG: Non-Centralism: Prospects for the future.

1. Piercamillo Falasca graduated in Economics & Political Science in 2003 at Bocconi University in Milan. In 2005/2006 he a...ttended a Master’s Degree in Public Policy at Luiss University in Rome. From 2006 he is a consultant for the main center-right party in Italy. From 2007 Falasca is a fellow of Istituto Bruno Leoni (IBL), a pro-market think tank based in Milan, for which Falasca is mainly focused on fiscal and institutional issues, market liberalization, welfare and job market. In 2009, with Benedetto Della Vedova (Italian MP and former MEP) and others, Falasca founded Libertiamo, a libertarian political association aimed to promote a public debate on individual and economic freedom. He writes on several national newspapers and webmagazines. He also wrote “Fiscal federalism to save South of Italy” (with Carlo Lottieri, Rubbettino Editore 2008) and edited “After – As we can restart after crisis” (IBL Libri, 2009).
2. Dr Krassen Stanchev is the Executive Director of the Institute for Market Economics (since 1993) (website: ), former member of parliament, one of the most quoted Bulgarian observers, best individual country analyst award for 1996 by Euromoney and a nominee for Bulgaria’s Mr. Ekonomika 2004. He was, in 1995, an initiator of the Balkan Network and the European Emerging Economies Network, and has a rich experience in the region (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Serbia and Montenegro), Central Europe and the FSU.
3. Moshe Yanovskiy, Economist, chief of department for Institutional problems analysis in the Institute for the Economy in Transition (Moscow, headed by Yegor Gaidar)
4. Avigdor Jardeni, Economist, Grand Invest, General Manager
5. Prof. Akaki Tsomaia, Asociated professor and Heat of Quality Assurance Committee at Ilia University.
6. Paata Sheshelidze, Economic Expert, President of NESG
7. Nino Gorgadze, MBA, former Staff Member of the State Minister on Reforms Coordination. Projects Manager, NESG

Working Language: English (Advance level required).
Who can apply? Young leaders with economic-related experience, particularly: economic experts, journalists and NGO members working on economic issues, government officials, students, lecturers and etc.
How to apply?
- Georgians must send CV and short Motivation Letter to Projects Manager of NES-G Nino Gorgadze at

Deadline: August 19, 2010 till 18:00. Applicants will be interviewed in English. No late and incomplete applications will be considered.

NESG contact information:
- Nino Gorgadze, Project manager of NESG
- Address: Sanapiro street 4, Tbilisi, Georgia
- Tel.: 995 32 990046
- Fax: 995 32 204321
- Cell: 995 58 676730
- Email:

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