August 3, 2010

Workshop for Young Journalists: “The Journalist: an Endangered Species?”

Why has the number of journalists in Brussels dropped from 1,300 to 752 in the past five years? How can we ensure that there is adequate media presence monitoring the work of politicians across the EU? And just how are the financial crisis and increasingly advanced technology affecting European journalists?

If these are questions that interest you then we invite you to apply to become one of the 50 young journalists, reporting from inside the European Parliament in Brussels on 12 - 14 October 2010.

Participants will experience three days of creativity and innovation through political discussions, hands-on media workshops and invaluable insights into the European Parliament, European media and the so-called ‘Brussels bubble’ itself! They will interact with high-level European politicians, professional journalists and experts and engage in intercultural exchange through practical work and evening cultural activities.

Over the course of the three-day workshop, each journalist will each produce a report on the topic of the seminar through their medium of choice - audio, video, print, online or photography.

To apply, send your CV and motivation letter to by 20 August 2010.

Then prepare yourself to report from Brussels on the most important question facing young journalists – are we an endangered species?

The call is open to young journalists that are citizens or legal residents of an EU country, aged between 18 and 30. Travel will be reimbursed by the European Parliament. Please note that in order to receive a lump sum covering your accommodation and meals you need to provide a copy of your press card or a letter from the editor stating that you work as a journalist. Journalism students and interns need to provide a letter from their university or from the organisation they are interning at.

The workshop for young journalists is organised by the European Parliament with the support of the European Youth Press.

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