August 7, 2010

Winter School „Time and Temporality: Categories, Models and Narratives“

Winter school "Time and Temporality: Categories, Models and Narratives" - a degree course co-sponsored by the Estonian Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts (GSCSA) and the Centre of Excellence in Cultural Theory (CECT) will take place at the University of Tartu, Estonia, on January 31, 2010 - February 6, 2011. Participants will be awarded 5-9 ECTS credits.

The first winter school of the Estonian Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts focuses on time and its conceptualization, the categories and typologies applied. Time is a theme that unites individual experience, social dynamics, research fields and disciplinary histories. Temporality represents an aspect common to all research and a concept that provides an opportunity to look for inter- and transdisciplinary connections.

The programme of the winter school consists of: 1) joint interdisciplinary lectures and seminars conducted by Estonian and guest lecturers; 2) two days of specialized workshops outside the customary classroom environment; 3) student workshops where graduate participants present and discuss their own research.

For students the connecting question for the subtopics of the winter school and a starting point for their essay is “The treatment of time and temporality in my research”. Interpretation of this subject may emanate from specific questions about their research and its conceptual field of time/temporality, or include aspects of disciplinary history.

Students are expected to do preparatory reading in order to participate in the seminars and to present their research during student workshops. The final assignment of the course is an essay (3000 words, by March 14, 2011). Upon full participation in the study programme and completion of the essay students will be awarded 9 ECTS points (5 ECTS without an essay). The essay will be considered for publication.

For application please send:
• A short CV (not required for GSCSA students);
• Abstract of your presentation introducing your research (500 words)
by October 15, 2010, to

You will be notified of the acceptance of your contribution in the end of November 2010.

The language of the course is English. 

A course fee is not required but there will be no reimbursement for accommodation and travel costs except for the GSCSA students. More information about accommodation choices will be provided for the participants.

International CECT conference “Time in Culture: Mediation and Representation” (Tartu, October 28-30, 2010) is recommended for the students of GSCSA as a thematically linked scientific event.

Additional information: Monika Tasa,

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